Asphalt shingle installation cost and what you need to know!

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Asphalt shingle installation cost and what you need to know!

Asphalt shingle installation cost and what you need to know!

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Are you finding an alternative to replace your existing roofing system? Are you searching for a contractor that can get you the best of both worlds for cost effective and long lasting solutions in asphalt shingle installation? Your search stops here!

HG Roofing is a company that specializes in meeting projects that might involve the selection for shingle roofing installation. Check out our previous post on choosing this roofing system in the nearby area of Claremore OK.

As we’ve mentioned before, having asphalt shingle installation can be highly beneficial for your property’s efficiency. After all your rooftop is the most important element that you can have over your residential or commercial property. For this post we’d like to mention what the cost for shingle installation should be and what you should know about that price.

Here are a couple of facts that you should know about installation of shingles on top of your rooftop.  Did you know that your contractor should always have to calculate 10% for waste?

Asphalt shingle installation considerations

Although it is a versatile material, your contractors should always take a couple of things into consideration. Here is a list of those that might affect the cost and budget that you are planning for your next roofing system:

  • Style of your new asphalt shingle installation
  • The replacement and disposal of old roof
  • Are your roof rafters resistant?
  • Inspect for mold and fungus
  • Is there any imperfection over the slope
  • Consider the thickness of your selected shingles

This is a cost effective material, which is also durable and can live up to 25 years if installed correctly. Asphalt shingles are safe and efficient to protect your property. HG Roofing is a dedicated team that is careful to install your roofing system, and deliver results that will last a lifetime.

Check out our roof replacement post, and contact our team for more information on your next rooftop project. 

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